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Our VitaFlex protective hoods are form-fitting while maintaining their cool, breathable barrier quality. By combining elastic composites into multi-layer structures, a series of soft-stretch hoods from elastic non-woven composites are created. Although there is no regulation or requirement for head coverings certification from any agencies, the FDA guiding principles for surgical masks were followed throughout the development process.

Our hoods can be worn in conjunction with conventional protective equipment and solve many of their shortcomings. For example:

  • A Biosafety hood can be comfortably worn with a mask or respirator to keep the entire head, face and neck protected.

  • It is practical and economical to wear a Biosafety hood with an un-hooded coverall suit.

  • Wearing a Biosafety hood under the PAPR or hazmat hood provides continuous protection after removal of the contaminated suit.


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