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clear Masks

We offer the ClearMask, the first fully transparent, FDA-cleared, class II transparent surgical mask with full-face visibility. The mask has a smart, patent-pending design optimized for comfort and breathability, while providing assured protection.


The mask blocks aerosols, fluids, and sprays from our faces through its anti-fog, transparent plastic barrier and meets applicable ASTM level 3 standards. Proudly manufactured in the United States and abroad.

The ClearMask is:

  • Intended for non-medical use*

  • Designed for single-use

  • Latex-free

  • Anti-Fog

  • Protection complies with applicable ASTM level 3 standards for fluid resistance and flammability

  • Recommended for use indoors at room-temperature in ventilated, low-humidity environments

  • Not intended to filter

The ClearMask is available in several different quantities:

  • Box - 24 masks

  • Case - 432 masks (8 boxes)

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ClearMask™ transparent face mask is currently available for use in hospitals and by healthcare providers without objection from the FDA. The ClearMask™ brand transparent face mask is a face mask that may be used when FDA-cleared masks are unavailable. Per the FDA, use of these masks in a surgical setting, or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected, is not recommended.

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