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Providing a clean and safe environment
for your customers and employees

is now more important than ever.

are you ready to up your hand hygiene game?

We're here to help.

Meet gelpole.

The Kiranex gelpole is a high-quality, mechanical, rugged, foot-operated hand hygiene dispenser that can use gel, foam, or eco-friendly hand sanitizers.  We are so confident about the quality of our gelpole that we offer a three-year warranty.

This foot-operated, hands-free 'patent-protected design' does not require batteries and includes either a 1L or 5L large reservoir capacity to reduce the amount of refilling required. The gelpole is: 

  • Sustainable and easy to refill

  • Available with customizable signage and finishes

  • Designed for ADA, children, and adults

  • Backed by a 3-year warranty 

  • Patented design to ensure uniqueness

  • Tested for over 300,000 uses

  • Fully weatherproof

  • Portable or permanently installed

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